Prince Yamato was the brave prince who set out to win over the evil rebellions of Southern Island of Kiushiu at the age of sixteen. He was very intelligent and courageous that his father had complete faith on him. It took him a long time to reach the destination and gradually he started towards the head quarters of the evils.

But the place was covered with steep mountains and dark and dangerous valleys. He felt that this is almost impossible for him and his men to reach the rebellions and win over them. This is why he took the help of the trick of disguise.

Yamato Takeru

His aunt had given him a robe and his wife helped him to dress like a woman in that robe. His disguise was simply perfect with the black traces, silk gown and jewellery. He hid a dagger under his dress.

Then he proceeded towards to tents of the enemies all alone and reached the place where Takeru and Kumaso were sitting. They were overwhelmed with the beauty of the young lady who was actually the prince in women’s attire. He sat with them and pleased them with his charming behavior.

He poured wine for Kumaso and he kept on drinking till the time he was completely drunk. This was the opportunity for the prince and he used it to stab the enemy to death. The other one tried to escape but Prince Yamato caught hold of him and killed him.

This is how he succeeded to ruin the evils and was awarded with the title of the bravest man of the country. He is considered to be the first Ninja as he used the trick of disguise to conquer his adversaries.


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