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What’s way more impressive than washboard abs on a great physique? Being able to do muscle ups, front levers, human flags and more!

Become a street workout ninja and learn the fundamentals from the Bar Brothers themselves with this training program.

So, don’t let your physique be just for show. Start training today to become a street workout ninja in 12 weeks!

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1 review for Bar Brothers – The System

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    Bar Brothers – The System is right for anyone who wants to get into the Bar Brothers movement or street workout lifestyle.

    Complete beginners will benefit immensely from the progression-based tutorials. If you want to perform freestyle strength feats and gain the confidence from pushing the limits of your body, this program is for you.

    If you have really no time but appreciate some proper guidance (and avoid an injury like mine) this program has good tutorials to refer to.

    Physique comes as a “side-effect”. Time constraints and willingness to commit are two important factors to attaining the results desired, and if you are serious about training, go for it. Anything less is a waste of time.

    P.S. Their sales page does not load correctly sometimes. Just refresh and hit the play button to reveal the order button.

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