Convict Conditioning 1 (eBook)


How do inmates build superior strength in a cramped cell, without the aid of weights? Convict Conditioning’s training program works on this premise.

This calisthenics program sticks to six insanely-effective exercises that each target one muscle group. It cuts out the confusing fancy schmancy exercises and routines. Simple, focused and no-fuss for beginners to bodyweight training, with step-by-step progression levels to the ultimate level.

But simple… does NOT mean easy.

Take a look at Convict Conditioning’s ultimate levels for the 6 basic exercises:

  1. One-arm pushups
  2. Hanging straight leg raises
  3. One-arm pullups
  4. Pistol squats
  5. Stand-to-stand bridges
  6. One-arm handstand pushups

Ready to build superior strength?

Start Training!

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