Ninja Attack! True Tales of Assassins, Samurai and Outlaws!

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Find out everything you wanted to learn about the ninja with the most factually-comprehensive graphic novel ever – Ninja Attack! True Tales of Assassins, Samurai and Outlaws!

Ninja Attack! contains richly-illustrated profiles of every known ninja, their masters, their friends and their enemies. You will be taken back to feudal Japan to “see” ninja fashion, understand their weapons and tools, and discover the secret blueprint of a typical ninja hideout. And the folklores retold are dramatic with a touch of humour.

This is the comic-style history book that you are guaranteed to never fall asleep reading.

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2 reviews for Ninja Attack! True Tales of Assassins, Samurai and Outlaws!

  1. Customer

    If your a ninja fan and want a fun look at historical and legendary ninja this is a fun read. If your a Naruto fan and that’s what got you into ninja it’s a good book to learn about the real ninja that some of the characters are based on or the legends they are based on such as Jiraiya,Tsunade and Orochimaru all who are part of a classic Japanese story about Jiraiya. It’s good and informative while knowing how to keep your intrest with witty dialog. I’ll admit I saw the book cover and thought it would be a funny ninja story but instead I was pleasently surprised to find a good historical collection on ninja and those who used them as well.

  2. Customer

    This book is super cool and full of illustrations and facts about real life ninja and a few samurai as well.
    I grew up in the 80s and wathced the ninja movies etc. I am still intrigued by by the shinobi. Fun, interesting guidebook for the ninja/martial arts enthusiasts.

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