The Book of Ninja: The Bansenshukai – Japan’s Premier Ninja Manual

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In 1676, Fujibayashi meticulously documented the wisdom of Iga’s ninja clans, crafting a definitive guide considered the ‘bible’ of ninjutsu. Through the comprehensive teachings of this Ninja manual, you will gain an understanding of the enigmatic ninja, as well as the hidden realms of espionage, warfare and assassination.

An exhilarating blend of lost knowledge and gripping storytelling, The Book of Ninja is the definitive resource for samurai and ninja enthusiasts alike. From mastering stealth and concealment to honing weapon and tool-building skills, this translation brings to life the ninja’s strategies for night-time infiltration, mission planning, and more. Explore captivating sections on capturing criminals, executing night raids, crafting secret codes, and utilizing a Buddhist divination system for weather prediction.

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