Why are you obsessed with becoming a ninja?

For generations, the ninja have captured the imaginations of people around the world. But a lot of what we love about these warriors is distorted by folktales and pop culture.

Nevertheless, here are eleven valid reasons why many of you have thought about becoming a ninja.

1. Spies with exotic ancient secrets

Admit it! Hollywood spies are cool.  But ninja are way cooler, maybe because of their ancient secret training that seem more formidable and exotic.

Japanese secret room

2. Human ability – no need for gadgets

The emphasis on human ability – rather than gadgets – makes the ninja all the more impressive.

What could be more awesome than warriors that rely on pure human ability for their missions? Using their wits, strength and techniques, the ninja seldom carried gadgets that would raise suspicion on their identity.

Anyone can be ninja

3. Superhuman senses and abilities

Becoming a ninja means pushing human limits on awareness and physical abilities. Scaling a castle wall? Running impossibly long distances without stopping? Detecting presence in the dark?

Ninja on a tree
Image via Steven Rolland

4. Supernatural ninja magic

The ninja were rumoured to use supernatural abilities during unavoidable battle: summoning storms or fire, reading a person’s mind and disappearing at the blink of an eye. You want to be able to do that, don’t you?

That said, supernatural abilities are nothing more than illusion, proper timing and extensive knowledge on things like gun powder, human psychology and predicting storms.

5. Art of stealth and invisibility

Being invisible and knowing how to get around undetected would be an impressive skill to have, wouldn’t it?

A ninja appears from the darkness.
A ninja appears from the darkness via Vanessa Smith

6. Formidable fighting abilities

Ninja – according to Hollywood – are formidable fighters who can use unconventional tactics to take on multiple attackers. Pretty cool…

Ninja Assassin – photo by Juliana Malucelli (Warner Brothers)

7. Mysterious, Confident, Calm and Influential

Becoming a ninja is like being James Bond while gathering intel. Who doesn’t want to be mysterious, confident, calm-and-collected, and charming?

8. Jack of all trades – master of many

Unlike other historical warriors, ninja were not limited to combat. You want to be a master at many skills – martial arts, behavioural psychology, climbing, conversation, foreign languages and more.

9. Perseverance against all odds

There is nothing more life-changing than watching someone persevering despite having the odds of success against them. You admire the ninja’s motto of patient perseverance.

Image via Threthny
Image via Threthny

10. Superhero to the weak and oppressed

You want to become a ninja because they fought to protect the weak from the oppressive authorities. Though this is a pop culture myth, it feels good to be able to be a superhero to people who get picked on.

Samurai armour

11. Anyone can be a ninja

Behind that mysterious mask is an average person who can do the extraordinary. You want to be that person.

Man in hoodie ninja

What do you think?

Do you agree with the list here? Did I miss anything out? Leave a comment to let me know.

And here’s how to be a modern ninja in real life.

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