Keith Nolan is a remarkable man whose dream is to serve the army. There’s one problem though; he is deaf and the army has a policy against disability.

While he was accepted into the Army ROTC (leadership course), he was exempt from the physical training. Nonetheless, he appeared each morning at 5 to be included for the physical training sessions, never missing even a single day. Likewise, he asked to be included in field training and proved himself to be a superb soldier. Through his determination and belief, he proved to his superiors and colleagues that he was serious about his goal and was allowed to undergo military training and receive his military uniform.

However, at this point, due to policy he is not allowed to undergo level three of the training and will have to return his uniform. Watch his moving speech, in which he gives compelling arguments as to why he should be allowed to serve his country.

I had goosebumps watching this man fight for his dreams. Do the rest of us have the same bravery and perseverance to fight for our goals and dreams? Are you inspired to push on with your Day Of Ninja goals and follow through with your ‘way of ninja’?

“We learned about each other and supported one another. Since then I’ve been involved in everything they do, without any separation. This is my passion. I love them.” – Keith Nolan (on his colleagues, his passion and the camaraderie of soldiers)

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