Disguises and Roles

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The ninja knew how to use society’s assumptions to their advantage. These assumptions greatly influenced their disguises and combat tactics.

As modern ninja, you too have to know the assumptions of modern society. And in knowing how society thinks, you will be able to use the knowledge to your benefit.

Ninja Disguises and Roles

The old ninja disguised themselves as merchants sometimes. Merchants could travel around without arousing suspicion. It was also common for merchants to be social with the locals. This gave the old ninja opporunities to gether vital information.

Modern society too have their assumptions. People are stereotyped and labeled by the way they dress, act or look. When gathering information in disguise. Choose an appropriate identity to blend into and don’t act too stereotypical. It will arouse suspicion as well.

Ninja Combat

In combat, the ninja of old Japan used the element of surprise. They did this by acting in contrast from society’s assumptions. They thought out of the box and used weapons in unexpected ways.

The shuriken (or throwing star) was expected to be a killing or cutting weapon. Instead, shuriken was used by ninja to surprise and distract the enemy. The distracted enemy would consequently leave himself open to a ninja’s followup attacks.

The ninja’s short sword was expected only to be used for stabbing and slashing. But the short sword was also used as a leverage to climb trees.

In modern day combat, using weapons is a sure way to get into trouble with the law. However, we can follow this concept of using assumptions and surprise to make inconspicuous weapons. They are everyday items that could be used in combat; either used as weapons or distraction tools. If you want self defense weapons that are effective, inconspicuous and won’t get you into trouble with the law, buy the Kubotan that can be fitted on your keys.

  1. Dane says

    When i read this, I thought to myself, it was REALLY easier to disguise yourself back then, than it is in modern times today. I am good at parkor, but I am awful at climbing. What would be a good exercise to help me?

    1. AmericanShinobi says

      It’s not as hard as you think. Scouting a scene is essential before infiltrating. If you’re in a club you could easily purchase a security uniform at any uniform store. People will assume there would had been security and wouldn’t question why you are off to the side and seemingly watching everyone. No one will openly approach you either wanting a drink or dance.

      That is what it means to play off of societies assumptions

  2. Anonymous Assasin says

    pull ups or chin ups should help, and practise your kip ups in parkour.
    PS.It is still easy as any ordinary pair of clothes will blend you in with any crowd

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