Do Ninjas Wear Black Costumes?

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While there are people who strongly believe that ninjas wore all-black costumes with masks, which revealed only the eyes, historical facts and common sense does not support this myth.

The idea that ninja wore all-black costumes came from prop-handlers of the Kabuki theatre. The black costume was meant to allow prop handlers to blend with the background and look mundane as compared to the actors.

Ninja did not wear all black costumes!

In reality, the ninja strove to look ordinary. Their lives depended on not drawing suspicion from others. They were masters at making use of societal stereotypes to look like commoners.

But! what about night missions? Wouldn’t stereotypical commoners still stand out sneaking around in the dark? True.

What then did the ninja wear for night missions?

Not All Black Costumes!

Even during the night, black would create an unnatural moving silhouette. It is believed that red or dark blue were better choices. In the dark, red wasn’t visible and if there was sudden light from the enemy’s lamp, the red would strike fear in the enemy due to the likeness of blood.

Furthermore, no ninja is going to wear black when sneaking around a snowy terrain. It would be a sure way to be detected and killed.

The fact is, the ninja of old Japan looked ordinary, and mundane. And they dressed appropriately for each mission, so as not to arouse suspicion. Admit it… An all-black costume in the midst of commoners in traditional clothing is more than a little suspicious.

However, go ahead and use all-black for your ninjutsu training. These are specially made for training purposes, unlike the ones for costume parties.

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  1. Tarquin says

    Ninjas went by these disguises
    street musician,
    or merchant.

  2. Bradley says

    you know, thats a good point! ninjas are always claimed as screaming karate guys dressed in all black. i think being a ninja has more of a deeper meaning!

  3. chantal says

    i wud think about dat alot.i think black is a bad color. i prefer blue! ;D but ninjas r awesome!

  4. idk says

    yes that is right…the ninja are known for blending in

  5. wow says

    regaurdless of what the “facts” say, I believe that it would be best to dress that way, it may not be historicaly accurate but wearing all black now in days with a mask is probably your best bet of not getting caught. And if its snowing wear white, that common sence for ya.

  6. Tarquin says

    Ninja did sometimes wear black under their kimono or dark red so with different shades and mixtures of black or dark red creates the perfect nigh invisibility. Ninja also would wear different colors on the inside and outside of their clothing for missions which could require day and night job. To blend in with nature the three main colors for ninja camouflage: Suiton the color of jeans for night missions. Dotton earthy ochers for the forest missions. Suiton snow white for snow missions. These were used in Espionage Or Sabotage, disguises were also very useful. Such as and enemy soldier priest or farmer merchant wife anything to get close the enemy or be lead into secret locations anything which your army needs as a advantage

  7. paul says

    i think ninjas are awesome and im half ninja im aninja fairy i say pa chow all the time just ask the other paul that is fixing to send a message and i say its fed ex

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