Martial arts students and practitioners who have trained in grappling and throwing know the importance of wearing a durable training uniform. If you intend to train in Ninjutsu, the Shinobi Shozoku (traditional Ninjutsu uniform) must be able to resist wear and tear because of the tugging, rolling and throwing within a training session.

Ninja Uniform with Secret Pockets

Piranha Gear’s traditional ninja uniform comes highly recommended as it is made to last. Unlike most uniforms (including my old martial arts uniform), there are secret pockets at the top of the left sleeve and at the front. This makes it convenient to store a few essentials (i.e. locker key, small wallet); not that you should leave many items in your pockets while training though.

Safe and Durable for Martial Arts & Parkour

Traditional Ninja Uniform by Piranha Gear

On safety, elastic sleeves and velcro closures prevent dangling threads or cloth from being caught on hooks or nails; this safety feature and its durability also makes the Shinobi Shozoku a suitable uniform for parkour. And since this is a traditional Ninjutsu uniform, it comes with a proper hood and mask.

Let me emphasize that the Piranha Gear Ninja Uniform is a traditional Ninjutsu uniform meant for training. If you are looking for a non-training ninja costume for Halloween, there are many cheap alternatives.

If you’ve decided to train in Ninjutsu, the Piranha Gear ninja uniform is highly recommended for you.  Please look at the reviews and decide for yourself if it is suitable for your training needs.

Shinobi Traditional Uniform

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