How many of you are on track with your new year resolutions now that nearly four months have passed? What about our Day Of Ninja participants… Have you been working on your ninja goals?

The coming challenge was suggested by Ando after discussions with the burpees participants and a few members of Way Of Ninja last week – working on our chosen goals and achieving our set targets in 30 days. I have added a condition that at least one of the goals must be physical.

Forgotten Goals & Resolutions Challenge

Forgotten Goals & Resolutions 30 Days Challenge
Forgotten Goals & Resolutions 30 Days Challenge

Starting Date: 21 April 2014

Ending Date: 20 May 2014

What Needs To Be Done:

1. Accept the challenge by accepting the Google+ event invitation (or tweet us)

2. By April 20 (the day before the challenge), prepare the details of your selected goals and share it on Way Of Ninja’s stories platform (refer to the section: Preparations Before The Challenge & Action To Take)

3. Take action to get some of your goals done within 30 days

4. Update your progress on the Stories platform

5. Reflect on your success or failure on day 30

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Preparations Before The Challenge & Action To Take

Because everyones’ challenge would differ greatly, please provide details on your goals by documenting the 5 items below on Way Of Ninja’s stories platform by Sunday Evening (20 April).

Step 1: Pick 1 to 4 goals that are reasonable to accomplish in 30 days

These goals can be from your existing resolutions or Day Of Ninja goals. Feel free to pick a completely new goal. If it is unrealistic to achieve your existing goals in 30 days, break it down into something you can achieve in 30 days by setting your sights lower.

For instance, if you wish to make running a habit, then work on making running a habit in thirty days. Be sure to factor in your time constraints and schedule.


1. Be able to run 2.4km in 10:10 by day 30

2. Be able to do 13 to 14 consecutive pull ups (without using momentum or kipping) by day 30

3. Build a habit to workout in the morning for at least 10 mins

 Step 2: Know where you are – your present circumstance

Before you can move towards where you want to be, you need to know where you currently stand. For physical fitness related activities, make sure to benchmark and test yourself.


1. My last 2.4km run timing is 10:16

2. My last attempt at pullups is at 12.5 to 13 consecutive repetitions

3. I presently workout in the mornings irregularly

Step 3: How will you measure success?

In step 1, you should have already set standards to meet that will determine if you succeed on day 30. There are two types of goals for this challenge: (1) Goals to achieve your own definition of physical excellence (e.g. be able to do 13 pullups by day 30) and (2) Goals to make a behaviour into habit by doing it repeatedly over the 30 days.


Success measures:

1. 10:10 timing by day 30 for 2.4km run

2. 13 to 14 pullups without kipping by day 30

3. Workout in the morning daily for at least 10 mins for all 30 days (allowed to skip 5 days in total and replace with workout at another time of day)

Step 4: Why are you doing this? What is your objective?

Give your goal a purpose and explain your underlying interests in achieving what you wish to achieve.


The goals on pullups and running are part of my aims to achieve gold standard on my military fitness test before year end. As an aside, it will be fun to challenge my present benchmarks.

As for working out in the mornings, I learnt while being in the military that some exercise in the morning chases away the morning fatigue.

Step 5: What is your plan to make it work?

Know your schedule, resources and limitations and incorporate them into your plans. Make sure to have “escape” routes or planned cheats. For instance, if you have a weekly family outing that will interfere with the challenge, tweak your goal achievement plans. The challenge is supposed to be fun and not consume your life. Your plan should keep you motivated.


For 2.4km goal: Run at least thrice per week; one long distance, one 2.4km run at max speed, and one speed training session.

For pullups goal: Do one set of maximum pullups daily. Do my current pullup variation regime on alternate days to increase strength.

What To Do Once The Challenge Begins & When It Ends

Give periodic updates on your progress and setbacks

Reflect on your progress or setbacks. If need be, tweak your plan if it isn’t working or if circumstances change. Make sure to be accountable to at least one challenger in this challenge. Accountability helps with success.

Have you achieved your goal(s)? Reflect on why or why not

Did you achieve your goal on the last day? Reflection time again. Either ways, reflecting on success or failure will be a good way to end the challenge. If you have failed, determine why and what your follow-up plan is.

Don’t forget to share the details of the goals you have chosen by Sunday evening!

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