Renew your commitment to the modern warrior way of life, and make noticeable progress in your ninja-inspired goals for fitness, martial arts, parkour, meditation and more.

Unlike before, this year’s Day Of Ninja challenge will last around 11 weeks, starting on International Ninja Day (5 Dec 2015) and ending on Japan’s Ninja Day (22 Feb 2016). You will spend most of this time working hard on your target goals, which are due for success on the last day.

What you need to do

1. Reflect on your way of life and training

Modern warrior way of life

Your first mission (due next Sunday, 13 Dec), involves reflecting on your achievements and setbacks for 2015. This reminds you to celebrate your tenacity and also forces you to confront the weaknesses in your way of the warrior.

2. Declare your target goals

Your next mission, (due a few days before Christmas, 22 Dec), requires you to set no more than 4 target goals that you must achieve by Japan’s Ninja Day. These target goals need to be very specific.

3. “Prove it!” with a camera or test slip

The last mission (due on 22 Feb 2016), involves picking one of the target goals you’ve achieved and “proving it” with photos, video or a test slip (e.g. grading card, fitness test results, race timing screenshot).

This ends off the Day Of Ninja movement and ensures that you are accountable for your goals and will make progress in your training.

Make progress in your way of the modern warrior and join now.

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