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So long as you’ve been training for at least one year (in a specific activity), you’re eligible. And we’ll only ask you questions related to that.

So, do you train in one of these?
  • Martial Arts (and self-defense)
  • Movement disciplines (like Parkour and MovNat)
  • Calisthenics (including street workout and gymnastics)
  • Running
  • Rockclimbing/Bouldering
  • Training overseas or in another state
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Many more
And, do you want to share your expertise and experiences?

We send questions related to your expertise and experience, and may feature them in upcoming articles (with a link to your profile or website).

If yes, simply include your name and training details here.

Make sure to complete sections that are relevant to you. Ignore all options for activities you don’t do.

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