The ADAPT Conference 2014

The ADAPT Conference 2014, happening on March 15 and 16, is for parkour and freerunning instructors, students, certified professionals and fitness enthusiasts who are interested in the latest in teaching/training theories, methods and concepts for the arts of displacement . This event gives the opportunity to connect with and exchange ideas with other experienced parkour professionals from top organisations. And you will be able to learn from leading influencers in instructing in and practising movement arts. 

With international speakers and influencers attending the conference, this is a great opportunity to be exposed to and exchange ideas. Notable parkour and free running influencers and founders, Sebastien Foucan and Chau Belle, will also be speaking at the conference.

So, do consider reserving a place at The ADAPT Conference 2014, taking place on 15 and 16 of March at  Chainstore London Academy of Parkour / Freerunning in London, UK.

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