Way Of Ninja would like to thank all participants and contributors for their support in the Day Of Ninja movement. With the purpose of making everyone’s ‘way of ninja’ a reality, please lend your support, experience and expertise to each other as fellow aspiring ninjas.

To our contributors, a special thank you. Because this is the first Day Of Ninja, I might not have managed to make the movement huge enough. I apologise for this and will make it better the next year. I am, however, quite happy with the turn out and how supportive this community has been. Thanks again.

Summary of Day Of Ninja Posts

Day Of Ninja Specials

Happy Day Of Ninja 2013 by Logen

The day of the movement began with my reflections about Way Of Ninja as a community and what the future direction of this website would be; fostering friendships and helping aspiring ninja to make their ‘way of ninja’ a reality.

Pressure Points for Combat: Tenketsu Jutsu by Jay Edwards

Next came the pressure points special by Jay Edwards, who is the chief instructor of OCFM London. The article sought to explain how pressure points were used in combat and emphasised that its effectiveness depended partially on a person’s tolerance.


Team Traceur – Way of the Ninja – Introduction by Rabin and Harry

Thereafter, Team Traceur gave an introduction to their team, shared a bit about Parkour’s philosophy and committed to their goals for the movement. They are also open to any advice you need with regards to Parkour.

Journey In Martial Arts and Parkour by Jim Howes

Last post that came during Day Of Ninja in Asia Pacific ended was Jim Howes’ experience and journey in martial arts and parkour, which gives a brief history on how he came to combine the two movement arts.

Take Martial Arts In Your 50′s, 40′s, or 30′s? The Answer? Yes! by Andrea Harkins

Andrea Harkins is a fifty-year-old mother of four, who holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do and runs Family Martial Arts. Her post serves to inspire and motivate aspiring martial artists to take action, whatever reasons you may have for taking up martial arts.

Making Movies… NINJA STYLE! by Joey Corpora

If you were wondering, where does the road lead as a ninja, traceur or martial artist? Here’s one of them. Joey is the director of an independent film company that specialises in action films (with ninjas in some). With his team’s Ninjutsu training, take a look at what they do.


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Watch this space. I will be consolidating and summarising Day Of Ninja Stories as well.

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