Ninja Parkour Tutorial for Complete Beginners

American Parkour Presents: Parkour Tutorial Volume 1
American Parkour Presents: Parkour Tutorial Volume 1

American Parkour has produced a video tutorial (American Parkour Presents: Parkour Tutorial Volume 1) that teaches complete beginners the most common basics in Parkour. This is a great starting point to train in foundational movements and commit them to muscle-memory. Without any conscious thought, you will be able to maneuver your body through obstacles and evolve into intermediate Parkour moves.

The explanation is insightful and discusses how to execute the Parkour move and what mistakes to avoid. While the video tutorial lasts for 45 minutes, there are lots of details. It is advisable to learn the Parkour moves at your own pace and rewatch any specific move that you need to. Besides the video tutorial, the DVD contains PDF tutorials that can be printed and be conveniently taken to your training area for referencing.

This is indeed the perfect video tutorial for people new to Parkour, both young and mature. You will need this to get started on your Parkour training. Don’t procrastinate!

Get this parkour tutorial for your personal Parkour training or for meetup trainings.

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