This is the second year Way Of Ninja has hosted the Day Of Ninja movement, which began in 2013 as a movement to gather both aspiring and existing modern-day warrior to take some action in bettering their way of the warrior. So, thank you all for sharing your goals and fulfilling your missions for Day Of Ninja 2014.

Even though Day Of Ninja 2014 is over, the new ninja cycle has begun. The clock is ticking and it is time to make preparations to embark on your journey of new physical disciplines or improvements in your present endeavours. Take this time in December to rest, reset and weed out the junk so that you can commit to your goals. If you are like me, impatient and raring with excitement to begin, go ahead. Experiment with new workouts, timings and habits, so that you can stabilise the routine by 2015. Make sure to update fellow warriors on your progress throughout the year. We are here to support each other.

Now, here is the summary of activities on Day Of Ninja 2014.

Day Of Ninja 2014 Highlights

This year’s movement was marked by three missions, each serving a purpose. Mission one sought to encourage modern ninjas and warrior to start on new physical disciplines and make improvements to their present ones, by reviewing this year’s performance and setting new benchmarks for the new ninja cycle (5 December 2014 to 4 Dec 2015). Mission two aimed to trigger fellow ninjas’ emotional memories of what inspired their journey, so as to renew their commitment to their warrior way of life. Finally, the last mission pays tribute to the tradition of Day Of The Ninja – to dress up as a ninja (with a modern twist).

Mission 1 & 2: Inspired By Legends and Goals

Movement: My Passion by Traceur Kai

Traceur Kai in action

Despite having practiced Kung Fu for some time, Traceur Kai’s passion for movement began when he first watched an extreme sports video. This was his beginning into parkour and tricking, and truly expressing his emotions through movement.

Kai’s goals has to do with improving his skills in parkour.

(Read the Inspiration Goals submission)

Two Beginnings – Five Inspirations by Joelle White

Joelle White

Brief story on Joelle’s beginners journey in Karate that accompanies her five inspirations.

Joelle’s goals includes improvements in improving her skills in karate and refining other fitness skills.

(Read the Inspiration & Goals submission)

What Inspired Me to Become a Modern Ninja by Michelle Garcia

Glove Drawn with Temporary Ink

Finding her path by chancing upon martial arts books in a discount book bin, Michelle intends to challenge herself in starting out in martial arts and parkour. That said, I’m going to have to send some ninjas to Barnes & Noble to have a talk about leaving martial arts books in a book bin.

(Read the Inspiration & Goals submission)

Andrea’s Inspiration by Andrea Harkins

Andrea Harkins

A very brief post about actual people in her life who inspired her to begin 26 years ago. This submission complements her contribution from last year – taking up martial arts at an older age.

(Read the Inspiration & Goals submission)

Dilly-Dally Shilly-Shally, How Fictional Characters Inspired me to Become a Modern-Day Warrior by Meredith Manaog


That’s a damn long title… was the first thought when I saw Meredith’s submission title. But true to the title, she goes into depth on the fictional characters that inspired her journey. It is amazing how fictional worlds can prompt us into taking action, isn’t it? I have experienced it firsthand.

(Read the Inspiration & Goals submission)

My Ninja Inspiration by Joey Corpora

Shaolin Punks cover

Wanting to acknowledge the impact of artistic expression in bettering the journey of a warrior (just like the samurai), I decided to accept visual submissions and I am damn glad I did. Here is our one and only submission that feature artwork from Joey’s web comic.

(Read the Inspiration & Goals submission)

Dreya’s Inspiration by Dreya D’Ordin


Naturally athletic, Dreya was doing parkour moves even before knowing that there was a name for it. That aside, he became skilled in stealth and a camouflage as a result of growing up in a hunting family.

(Read the Inspiration & Goals submission)

Carl’s Inspiration & Goals by Carl Barnes

Because Day Of Ninja was coming to an end, Carl combined his inspiration and goals submission in true ninja style. Read his story, which includes learning anger management from his instructor.

(Read the combined Inspiration & Goals submission)

Day of Ninja 2014: Hero by Favian Gonzales

Favian Gonzales

Another submission that combines inspiration and goals. But I think he forgot about the inspiration part? Haha.

(Read the combined Inspiration & Goals submission)

2014 Success and Stuff that Didnt Go According to Plan by Julie Moore

Because she was busy on Day Of Ninja, Jules submission was, like mine, submitted after Day Of Ninja. It is mainly about her setbacks this year, how she overcame them and what her new goals are. But read her very inspiring beginner’s journey story she shared earlier this year.

(Read the Goals submission)

Naruto, Kenshin, Jules and George Sensei Have Inspired My Journey by Logen Lanka

Funny Jackie Chan scene (Gif via

Here’s my own inspiration submission, late by five days. Because of poor planning, I was left with too many backlogs for the Day Of Ninja 2014 event that I had to handle before even doing my missions. Even then both my submissions were a little rushed.

(Read the Inspiration & Goals submission)

Mission 3: Ninja Dress Up

Here are some of the participants in Mission 3 – to dress up in their interpretation of a modern-day warrior/ninja or traditional ninja.

Ninjas & Warriors Who Completed All Three Missions

  • Joey Corpora (first to complete!)
  • Meredith Manoag
  • TraceurKai
  • Andrea Harkins
  • Michelle Garcia
  • Joelle White
  • Logen (late completion)

(Correct me if I have not included your name.)

Ending off

To end off, here’s a shout out to Paul Read who wrote an entry on his site about his commitment as a warrior, Day Of Ninja and Way Of Ninja.

Once again, I appreciate the support from you all for the biggest day for all ninjas. With earlier preparation, let’s make next year’s event much better. Lastly, I repeat, this is a new beginning for many of us. Let’s be committed and support each other throughout this ninja cycle and 2015.

Note: I originally intended to do a reflection on Way Of Ninja’s direction and what will come next in the new year as part of the Day Of Ninja event. But due to time constraints and my ever-growing backlogs, I may have to postpone it (or even forgo writing it). But there is a last Day Of Ninja special by Joelle White. More about that very soon.

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