What have you done to become a ninja over the years?

With Ninja Day approaching in three weeks (December 5), Way Of Ninja has been making preparations to make this year’s Ninja Day special. The International Day of The Ninja  has been celebrated by ninja enthusiasts worldwide, since its founding in 2003. During this day, people would do all things ‘ninja’; this includes dressing up in an all-black ninja costume.

Purpose of The Day of Ninja Movement

Way Of Ninja will be taking the Ninja Day event in a different direction by creating a movement that aims to help individuals achieve their way of ninja. As explained in the Ninja Guide, a person’s way of ninja is personal to what he or she wishes to achieve; for instance, you may wish to join the military, be proficient in martial arts and parkour, have the knowledge to do Kuji In and/or gain the ability to complete an obstacle racing course.

Way Of Ninja’s goal is to have every participant of the Day Of Ninja 2013 to do something (or get started) on their goals, and try to achieve the goal by the next Day of Ninja in 2014. We will be inviting experts in their skillset (i.e. obstacle racers, parkour/freerunning traceurs, Ninjutsu instructors, and many others) to contribute their expertise and respond to participants.

So, How Do You Participate?

We are still finalising the details, but this event will involve social media and our ‘stories’ platform. Right now, we need to create as much buzz for the Day of Ninja 2013 event. Please support us by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are an expert or instructor for Ninjtusu, Kuji In, Parkour, Obstacle Racing, Fitness, Military and other related ninja skillsets, please contact us as soon as possible to find out how you can contribute.

The success of this event is dependent on our community. Please give us and the ninja community (including martial arts, Parkour and the others mentioned) your support.

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