After deciding your interpretation of being a modern ninja, you need to set a benchmark to test your abilities against. While our ninja guide has provided many alternatives to training, including: (1) training in traditional Ninjutsu, (2) pursuing a martial art and training in Parkour or (3) joining the military, all alternatives require you to have good fitness, stamina and perseverance. Knowing your progress will sustain your motivation to train and help in achieving your ninja training goals.

Jumping Through Fire at Spartan Race
Jumping Through Fire at Spartan Race (image by Alan Levine, Flickr)

Obstacle course racing is one way to gauge your stamina, endurance mindset, and obstacle-clearing abilities. It serves as a great source of motivation for self-training, providing you with an actionable purpose for your training. You will also get to know how good you are (or how much improvements you need). If you already have a group that you train with, obstacle racing provides an opportunity to build teamwork. If you train alone, you will be able to meet many like-minded individuals (who are competing), who will help you when facing difficulties in the race.

Here are some obstacle races that you should consider training for:

  • Spartan Race 
  • Civillian Military Combine
  • GORUCK Challenge
  • Tough Mudder
  • Warrior Dash
  • Superhero Scramble
  • Rugged Maniac
  • Merrell Down and Dirty

Way Of Ninja will cover details on each of these obstacle course races, with suggestion on the race to join based on your present level. Because competing in obstacle races require strong core muscles and specific training, we will be providing information and helpful resources for your training.

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